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Ju Guo


Ju Guo was rescued from slaughter by our partner in China.


She developed a strong bond with their founder Du Yufeng and regularly went on trips in the car with her to rescue other dogs or to take other dogs to the vet for check ups and procedures because she was a calming influence on scared new rescues. 


Before Ju Guo could be flown to the States, she had to give birth to her 

6 puppies; 4 girls & 2 boys.

When the pups were old enough to leave her, Ju Guo was weighed, measured and vaccinated so that she could fly to us. Renee met her at the airport &  they stayed in a hotel to split up the long journey. The day after she finally met her new mommy; our co-founder Lori.

Ju Guo soon settled in to her forever home with Lori and her husband and her canine sister, Ruthie.

Ju Guo's smile was what drew Lori to adopt her and what an infectious smile on a beautiful, calm girl.

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