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Ju Guo

Ju Guo's adoption was the start of
Asian Dogs Rescue Allies

Ju Guo was rescued from DongBa market where she was being advertised for her meat along with chickens and geese.


The butcher agreed to sell her to our partner in China and she was eventually adopted by our co-founder, Lori who fell in love with her smile.

 Ju Guo also brought her 6 puppies (see their profiles below) with her who we also found homes for;

one of them being our other

co-founder Reneé

See More of Ju Guo here

Ju Xiao Bo/Zoey

Zoey was adopted by our co-founder Reneé. Zoey integrated well with Reneé's other dogs including her Jindo, Zach. Zoey is a cheeky, fun girl. See more of her here.

Boy 3~ Red Boy.jpg

Ju Xiao Guo/Franny

Franny was adopted 


Ju Xiao Guang/Bon Lai

Bon Lai was adopted by a lovely couple and likes to be carried like a baby by them. He's grown in to a very handsome boy with beautiful coloring.

See more of him here.


Ju Xiao Zhong/Huck Finn

Huck Finn was really scared when he arrived. Our friends adopted him and now he's a confident boy who loves to play and learn cool tricks! 

See more of him here


Ju Xiao Yuan/Pippa

Pippa was originally adopted by a lovely family who adored her but due to unforeseen circumstances she joined her mom Ju Guo at Lori's house. See more of her here


Ju Xiao Ai/Zina

Zina didn't get on with her da in her first home but was then adopted by a  family who had a disabled dog from India. She has fit in wonderfully. See more of her here

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