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Meet the Team

Lori Feinman the co-founder of Asian Dogs Rescue Allies

Lori Feinman

Lori has always loved dogs and has cared for several with special needs, using her past nursing experience. She became increasingly determined to save dogs from being tortured and killed in the Dog Meat Trade, as she worked to rescue a female dog called Ju Guo and her six puppies from China. Joining forces with Renee, all 6 puppies found homes in the US and
Asian Dogs Rescue Allies was born.

Renee Windsor-White the co-founder of Asian Dogs Rescue Allies

Renee Windsor-White

Renee has also always loved dogs and in her job as the Chaplain for the Oregon State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, she helps owners overcome grief from the loss of their pets. She was a 'transport failure' collecting Zach, a Korean Jindo saved from the Dog Meat Trade from the airport but unable to give him up. Renee joined forces with Lori to found Asian Dogs Rescue Allies.

Read how Lori & Renee met here.

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