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When we first found out about the Dog Meat Trade we were horrified, especially at some of the methods of torture that 'Man's Best Friend' are subjected to before death. The usual way to kill a dog for meat is with a blow over the head and a stab through the heart but for some, especially if a buyer requests it, dogs can be hung, boiled, beaten and have skin or limbs removed; all while still alive in the misguided belief that the more pain the dog suffers before the moment of death, the better the meat tastes.


Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre of Guangyuan was founded by Ms Du Yufeng. She has rescued many dogs from slaughterhouses and from Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Most of the dogs rescued are Chinese Rural Dogs, dogs native to China although there are breeds such as German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Mastiffs and Collies that have also been rescued. 

Dogs in the Chinese Dog Meat Trade are mostly strays or stolen pets but owners of dogs with unwanted or unsold litters of puppies also sell to the butchers. They also sell the dogs who can no longer produce litters like unwanted trash.

Photos courtesy of

Bo Ai Animal Centre of Guangyuan

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