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 Zina / Ju Xiao Ai 据小爱

The cute and kind, zina

Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 11.01.31 AM.png

Take 2 for Zina!!! She wasn't accepting the Dad at her original adoptive home and so they fostered her and I continued my search for her perfect forever. Yesterday, I found her person and new brother. Originally I responded to an inquiry for another dog, and after talking to this woman and hearing about her two-legged dog from India, I thought Zina might be a good fit. Boy was I correct!! Bubalu, the 2-year-old 2-legged Indian street dog 😂 loved Zina and she wasn't phased or bothered one bit by his missing limbs and incontinence. They even played together, and have matching play-snarls!'s to take 2 for a girl from China who might have found her Indian prince 😁. The adopter is fabulous too!! They live 20 miles outside Cottage Grove on 6 acres with regular visits from neighbor dogs and lots of activity. Happy trails sweet girl!! 💖💞

-Whitney Wilmarth, Wiggly Tails Intake Coordinator

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