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Lucia (originally named Lucy) was rescued after a farmer found her under a freeway bridge at the bottom of a ravine. It's very likely that she was thrown off the bridge because when our partner in China went to collect her, she couldn't move by herself. When our partner and their volunteers took Lucia to the pet hospital, after manually carrying her up a long lane to the car, she was found to have a fractured pelvis, was anemic and full of parasites.

Lucia was taken to the pet hospital where she was given x rays and prepared for surgery to fix her pelvis with steel plates.

As Lucia grew stronger she was taken out to meet new people ready for the day she found her forever home in the USA.


Lucia had a wonderful relationship with our partner. Read on to see Lucia's last days in China and she settles in to life in the USA.

When snow fell in her town in China, our partner took Lucia out. It was probably the first time she had seen snow so she started to playing in it.

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