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Story of Lucy 

If you can't donate. please share everywhere! Lucy needs this surgery to walk again and we can't afford to do it without your help! NO amount is too small. Thank you! - Our Bo Ai allies

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In a medical hospital, members of clergy serve as chaplains to comfort the family and friends of patients suffering serious illness or injury.

At Oregon State University’s veterinary hospital, Rev. Renee Windsor-White does the same thing.

Veterinary chaplains are still a rarity nationwide, though many animal hospitals have some form of support staff who work with clients in distress. The hospital at OSU’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine also has a comfort room, with plenty of floor space so people can lie down near their pets.

As a certified veterinary chaplain, Windsor-White provides a soothing presence to clients whose pets are facing difficult diagnoses or euthanasia, and helps them navigate the hospital system when emotions make it hard to think clearly.

“A lot of society says you shouldn’t have any grief; that it is just a pet, just a dog, just a cat,” she said. “But folks who have experienced it know that it’s very real, and that a bond with an animal — you lose a number of different things when you lose a particular animal.”

“The grief itself doesn’t care what the source is; it is just there.”

“It was tremendous to have an advocate all of a sudden, when you’re in that situation,”...“I just think she’s invaluable.”

ADRA'S Mission

Asian Dogs Rescue Allies grew out of our desire to assist as many rescue operations as possible on the ground in Asia.  Organizations such as Bo Ai in China and Save Korean Dogs in South Korea work to shut down dog meat farms and stop dog meat festivals. Once animals are saved from being tortured and eaten, these groups need to find safe homes, preferably outside those countries. ADRA works with the Asian rescue organizations to bring dog meat trade (aka DMT dogs) to the United States. After they arrive in the States, the dogs are transported to no kill shelters or to foster homes so that they are ready for forever homes.


At present, there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can infect people or spread the new coronavirus.

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Save Korean Dogs

SaveKoreanDogs.org, SKD is a very small activist group/a rescue team fighting against the dog meat trade in Korea past seven years. SKD is the first generation advocated for the so called “meat dogs” in Korea. They are a non profit org registered in the city of Gimpo, Korea. SKD operates out of the Sanctuary which is Nami’s house turned into a shelter in early 2016. SKD Sanctuary began its own shelter in Incheon city prior to Gimpo.


Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre Of Guangyuan

Du has been to conferences on animal welfare to further her own animal care education and meet other activists and shelter owners.  In September 2015, Du's hard and continuing work at Yulin Dog Meat Festival was officially recognized by World Dog Alliance in Hong Kong. She received first prize with a gold award and a cheque for $100,000 which was used to build some new kennels and beds for the dogs at the shelter. Click here to see the award and details of the conferences that Du has attended.


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