Success Stories

 Babies from Bo Ai - (Please look at partners website)

-Huck Finn

- Zina

- Pippa 

Huck Finn, From Terrified to Trickster. 

Jeremy Zeth DeGuc and Danielle Day, trainers/ behaviorist of DopamineK9

When we first brought Huck home, We knew he was going to need a lot of patience, structure and love. It took time, patience, loyalty, communication and structure and that love before Huck became curious. We developed a language Huck could understand… And developed a sweet relationship with him that led us to make Huck an official part of our family. We are eternally grateful that Huck has come into our lives.


(please see full adoption story on Asian Dogs Rescue Allies Facebook series)about Jeremy Z. DeGuc and Danielle Day, Trainers/behaviorist of DopamineK9 Journey with Huckfinn July 4, 2020


 Zina / Ju Xiao Ai 据小爱


Take 2 for Zina!!! She wasn't accepting the Dad at her original adoptive home and so they fostered her and I continued my search for her perfect forever. Yesterday, I found her person and new brother. Originally I responded to an inquiry for another dog, and after talking to this woman and hearing about her two-legged dog from India, I thought Zina might be a good fit. Boy was I correct!! Bubalu, the 2-year-old 2-legged Indian street dog 😂 loved Zina and she wasn't phased or bothered one bit by his missing limbs and incontinence. They even played together, and have matching play-snarls!'s to take 2 for a girl from China who might have found her Indian prince 😁. The adopter is fabulous too!! They live 20 miles outside Cottage Grove on 6 acres with regular visits from neighbor dogs and lots of activity. Happy trails sweet girl!! 💖💞

-Whitney Wilmarth, Wiggly Tails Intake Coordinator

Success story of Pippa. Written by Ze’ve, the family's 13 year old son. 


"The first time I saw Pippa was on the Wiggly Tails Facebook page!  The first thing I thought when I saw Pippa was that her ears looked like a beautiful spotted mushroom.  It was love at first sight.  I thought the person or people who rescue dogs from horrible fates in China must be really good people.  The reason why I wanted Pippa was because she seemed like a really good fit for our family.  She was not too crazy or too calm, she was just right.  When she came over with Lori, it seemed like our family fit perfectly and it was really nice because we also get help from Lori in case we have questions about Pippa.


Now my favorite thing to do with Pippa is to play games with her.  She loves tug of war, and keep away, and hide and go seek.  I also love going outside on hikes with her.  She always comes when I call her (only me for some reason).  She also is really protective of our house and makes me feel really safe to be at my house, especially at night.*


Pippa knows when I'm sad.  I love to pet her soft fur.  She's also really funny and makes me laugh.  She seems to have a sense of humor, I can't really tell you why I think that but I feel like she knows what is funny.  I was really sad to think that there were people who wanted to hurt and eat her.  That makes me sad and it makes me feel good that we adopted her.  


Sometimes people tell me that we should get a dog from the US but I think any time we can be kind to animals, no matter where they come from, is really important. And I think that Chinese rescue dogs probably see more cruelty than other rescues."


*Ze’ev states that he feels safe at night as Pippa alerted the family of a home intruder.