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Looking Ahead To 2022

As 2022 Nears Us:

As we at ADRA look ahead to the coming year, we are working to maintain our primary purpose, to save meat trade dogs from Asia, and yet expand our horizons. Two efforts will be front and center in the new year. Rescue efforts from China have stopped, certainly for smaller rescue organizations like ours, due to the CDC ban on imports from certain countries with high risk of rabies.

China is on the high-risk list, but South Korea is not, so we are focusing rescue efforts in the coming year on bringing dogs from the Korean dog meat trade to the States. We plan to work again with Nami Kim of Save Korean Dogs ( We hope to bring at least six dogs out of Korea next year.

Our second effort in the coming year comes at the invitation of Andrea Gung, esteemed founder and director of Duo Duo Project ( in China. Andrea has invited us to assist her and other

colleagues in creating a youth computer camp at their new Mudanjiang Youth Compassion Center.

Using a story that Lori wrote, youth at the camp will learn about different animation apps and animate the story about showing compassion to all creatures. This type of education effort is new to ADRA, but Andrea and her Duo Duo Project Team have

been focusing on youth education to stop the eating of dogs and cats for over eight years in China. We are partnering with the experts!

We could not carry out any of our activities without the help of our donors, volunteers, media guru and Board of Directors. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and invite you to look ahead to 2022 with us, for all the compassion and loving kindness we can give the survivors of the dog meat trade. They are so worth our love!

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