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Successful Adoption: Ju Guo

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Breed: Chinese Rural Dog

Adopter: Lori

Country: Oregon, USA

Ju Guo was rescued from a market in Dongba from a butcher's stall. Our founder Ms Du visited the market during Winter Solstice and saw Ju Guo's owner ask the butcher to buy her from him and he would come back later for the meat! Ms Du was not going to let the butcher kill Ju Guo so she bought her there and then. Ju Guo has waited a few years for a forever family to adopt her. Previous enquiries came to nothing because she is a medium dog therefore the cost is higher to fly her to America but she is finally lucky! Her new mommy Lori can't wait to meet her.

Ju Guo's Day Out to the Temple:

Du took Ju Guo out of the shelter for the day. They went to the temple on this lovely, warm and sunny day. When people stop to talk to Du and are interested in Ju Guo, she takes the opportunity to tell them about the Dog Meat Trade and how many of the dogs caught up in that horrific trade are Chinese Rural Dogs like Ju Guo. Chinese people are not keen to adopt Chinese Rural Dogs, they prefer to adopt purebred dogs so they are surprised when they meet Ju Guo and other Chinese Rural Dogs; what good companions they would make.

Measuring & Weighing:

When Ju Guo's adopter, Lori, enquired about adopting her, we measured her and weighed her to get the quote to fly Ju Guo to America.


Ju Guo surprised all if us. No one knew she was pregnant but she gave birth to 7 puppies! Ju Guo's adopter, Lori was excited to become an American 'grandmother' and has even chosen one of the little boys to go to live with her and her husband. So as well as new parents, the little boy will have an American fur sister but he will also live with his mommy Ju Guo! Everyone is so excited! Lori will also find homes for the other puppies in America too. Perfect!

Vaccination Time:

To fly to America, Ju Guo needed a Rabies vaccination and a Microchip. Du and our volunteer Yang took Ju Guo to Doctor Li's pet hospital for the procedures.

Spa Day:

Ju Guo had a 'spa day' at the groomers, enjoying a bath, blowdry and brush with ear cleaning too. Ju Guo is a very pretty girl but the grooming salon made her even prettier! Another step closer to meeting her new mommy Lori ♥

Walk along the river:

Du took Ju Guo to meet her friend with our volunteer Yang. They all took an evening walk along the river. At night it is lit up beautifully. Du too this video because she wanted to show Ju Guo's American mommy how beautiful it looks. In a few days Ju Guo will meet her new mommy and then she will enjoy lovely walks getting to know her new home town. Then it will be the turn of Lori to send Du videos of where she lives. Connected across 6000 miles by the love of Ju Guo.

The Last Supper in Guangyuan:

Ju Guo had her last supper in Guangyuan, a special pot duck roast. Tomorrow, Du will fly with Ju Guo to Beijing where Ju Guo will stay at the pet transport company's pet hotel and Du will stay with her friend for a few days in Beijing. It is getting ever nearer for Ju Guo to fly to her forever home in Oregon! Exciting times for everyone!

Leaving Guangyuan:

Today is the day that ju Guo will leave the shelter and Guangyuan forever. Du gave Ju Guo a leaving breakfast of eggs to keep her belly full during the flight to Beijing. Ju Guo doesn't know why she is getting the eggs for breakfast and it would be so much easier if we could explain to her what will happen in the following days. Du decided to travel with ju Guo to Beijing and spend some time with her there for a few days. Ju guo has always had a really strong bond with Du, she has been her shadow for a long time and Du's grandson Dou Ding has grown up with Ju Guo but however hard it is for Du to know that she will never see ju Guo again; very soon she knows there is an amazing home waiting for her and that is what we all wish for the rescued dogs at the shelter.

Hello Beijing:

Du and Ju Guo arrived on time in Beijing. Ju Guo will stay at the pet hotel while necessary paperwork and visits to the pet hospital take place over the next few days. She is due to leave China in 6 days time! Ju Guo's adoptive mommy Lori is busy preparing for her arrival. Friends of Lori will drive down to the airport in San Francisco and collect Ju Guo for her. It is a waiting game until the time arrives for Ju Guo to finally reach her forever home.

Staying Together:

Ju Guo was originally supposed to stay in the pet hotel but with Du flying to Beijing with Ju Guo, they have rented an apartment and are staying together. They are exploring the area of the city around the transport company before it is time to say goodbye.

Exploring Beijing:

Ju Guo has been exploring Beijing with Du. It's been a fun few days, meeting new and old friends and enjoying the time they have left together in China. In only a few hours, Ju Guo will begin the next chapter of her life, a new chapter in a new country with her new mommy and daddy who are excited to meet her. If only she knew! ♥

In a restaurant, Ju Guo attracted the attention of a diner who came over to stroke and pet her. Du told her that Lori, Ju Guo's new mommy was waiting to meet her in America. She also told her that China's native Rural Dogs are in high demand from foreign dog lovers, she told her that they are very smart and loyal. Du always tries to take an opportunity to tell people these things. Like all of us, Du wishes that more Chinese people wanted to adopt their native breeds. Ju Guo will be an ambassador in America. An ambassador as a Dog Meat Trade Survivor and an ambassador to represent her breed. Thank you Ju Guo! ♥

Crate Test:

Ju Guo has been measured for the crate she will fly to America in. The crate needs to be big enough for Ju Guo to stand in and turn around comfortably so that while she is waiting for to be loaded on to the plane she is not stressed. She will also be able to sleep soundly when the plane is in the air, able to stretch her legs. Our contacts at the pet transport company will make sure she is fastened in to the crate securely and that she has water for her flight. There is not a lot of time left to wait now until she enters the crate to fly out of China ... exciting times!

Last Day Together:

Today was the last full day that Ju Guo spent in China with Du. It is going to be a very bittersweet moment when Du has to leave Ju Guo at Beijing Airport but she knows that she is doing the best for Ju Guo. She says she wants Ju Guo to live in a foreign country because China does not have animal protection laws. She knows that Ju Guo will be protected by laws in America and she thanks Lori very much for her love of Ju Guo.

Last Morning in China:

This morning while Du was preparing her roast chicken breakfast, Ju Guo enjoyed her last moments with her Chinese mother. The two of them have been inseparable since Ju Guo was rescued from a butcher's stall after her heartless owner sold her for her meat. But Du knows that Ju Guo will have a safer life in a forever home in America. Somewhere that believes in protecting animals by law and somewhere that Ju Guo can be loved one on one, go for walks in the countryside and in the forest, come home to her own toys and do what we wish all dogs could do; enjoy living in a loving home for the rest of their lives 💖 Today Ju Guo says goodbye to her home country, China, forever.

After breakfast, and making sure that she had everything for Ju Guo's journey, Du rushed to the transport company's courtyard to meet one of the employees who would take Ju Guo to the airport. Ju Guo's flight crate was waiting for her and her documents and photo i.d were ready to take. Du was going to accompany Ju Guo to the airport terminal entrance.

When they arrived at the airport it was time for Du to say goodbye to Ju Guo forever. She told Ju Guo that she must be good for her American mother and not be mischievous at the airport terminal otherwise she would 'lose face' Saying goodbye was an emotional moment for Du. Now, Ju Guo begins the next chapter of her life...

**Photo and text taken from**

Hello America!

Ju Guo has now arrived safely in America. A couple of weeks before the flight, Lori needed surgery and was ordered to rest so 2 of her friends, Renee and Debbie, drove the 8 hours from Oregon to San Francisco airport where Ju Guo flew in to.

After taking the paperwork to the customs office, Renee and Debbie were given Ju Guo to begin the next leg of her journey. Before they took her to the car, Ju Guo had a stretch of her legs and some fresh air on American grass.

Lori had booked a hotel room for the night for Renee, Debbie and Ju Guo to break up the long drive home and to give Ju Guo a break from travelling. On the drive to the hotel, Ju Guo looked out of the car windows with interest at the new American scenery outside.

After a good night's sleep for all of them, Ju Guo woke up refreshed and made everyone smile at her cheeky voice. She was a good girl in the hotel room and was again interested in seeing what was outside.

Soon it was time to start the last leg of the journey to Ju Guo's new home and to meet her new mommy Lori! ♥

Hello Mommy!

After a few more hours traveling, Renee and Debbie finally reached Lori's house. Lori was really excited to meet Ju Guo, the adoption has been a long time coming but she was finally able to say hello.

FINALLY it was time for Lori to meet and stroke her new baby. Ju Guo! ♥

First Night in America

When Du left Ju Guo in Beijing, she had placed a small blanket in the crate with her to give her comfort while flying. When Ju Guo arrived at her new house in America, she knew where this blanket had been placed - in the laundry room. She 'told' Lori that she wanted to go in to the laundry room and when Lori let her in there, Ju Guo tried to climb on to the laundry to where the blanket was. Lori placed the blanket in Ju Guo's new bed and just this act of familiarity enabled Ju Guo to sleep for hours, gently snoring.

After a long night's sleep, Ju Guo began to bond with her new daddy Howard by going voluntarily to sit besides him at breakfast. It may take a while for Ju Guo to settle in. She and Du had a very strong bond but once she does start to settle she'll be able to fulfil why her Chinese mommy wanted her to live in America - so that she can go wherever she wants without worrying about being too big or the wrong breed and having laws to protect her. Fun will come.

Adapting in America! Here are some videos of Ju Guo settling into her new home. Our friend Rachel was kind enough to film some translation videos to send back to Du in China so she will know Ju Guo is doing great.

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