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Our Partners at Bo Ai Posing Undercover

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Here is a link to Du Yufeng (the founder of Bo Ai Animal Centre) posing as an undercover restaurant owner who was trying to buy dog meat.

"She was accompanied by other activists and media who had a hidden camera to record the conversations with the dog meat trader. The trader had been killing and selling dogs for 20-30 years, estimating that he had killed 10,000 dogs! Having recorded everything the dog meat seller told her, she went to the local authorities and asked the to accompany her back to the trader's den and inspect papers that he should have to kill animals and sell meat. The trader agreed to sign his animals over to Du but then several local dog meat restaurant owners turned up threatening Du, saying that the dogs were theirs. Du was not deterred. A few days later she visited the County Party Secretary who successfully had the slaughterhouse closed. Du had the dogs removed to safety at a shelter nearby. After a good night's rest, Du and our volunteers, along with the dogs that were saved, traveled back to our shelter."

*text taken from*


To watch the video, click here

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